• Do I have to have a membership to ride on a day pass? YES. For insurance purposes, everyone who comes onto the track property must be a club member ($25 for a one year membership). If you purchase an annual pass your membership is included.  We are going to offer a ONE-DAY SPECTATOR PASS at a cost of $5.00. This is a ONE-DAY SPECTATOR PASS equivalent to a club membership that is valid for 1 day (the day it is purchased). This pass would be good for someone who wanted to come and see someone ride ONE TIME; a visitor from out of town who wanted to come see someone ride ONE TIME; or someone who just wanted to see the track and not ride FOR ONE DAY. If you are someone who is going to come often to see someone ride, we recommend you get the ANNUAL SPECTATOR pass for $25.
  • Can I bring my dog to the track? We love dogs too, but the short answer is NO.
  • Will there be an Enduro track or a flat track? We sure hope so one, but for now we are just starting with the 3 tracks: Mini-bikes, MX and SXS/ATV.
  • My son/daughter is 16, does he/she need an adult present to ride since he/she can drive themselves there? Minors must have their parent/guardian must sign a "Minor's Assumption of Risk Acknowledgment" prior to obtaining membership. This basically states that the parent/guardian believes that the minor is sufficiently qualified & experienced to ride. Once that has been signed, the 16-18 year olds will be able to ride without a guardian present.
  • I was a lifetime member at VDR- will you still honor that membership? Sorry, but we are new owners and managers and are starting from scratch just like you guys. ‚Äč
  • Will this track be groomed and maintained better than it was before? ABSOLUTELY. It does us no good to revamp the whole thing and not keep it up! We will groom and do maintenance on the track on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to start. 
  • Do you take Credit Cards? Cash? YES. You will be able to register online for your membership with a credit card, as well as pay cash or use a CC at the gate. We highly recommend signing up online at the beginning to avoid long lines at the gate. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS.
  • Can we bring a cooler in with food & drinks? Of course! Until we have a concession stand, we encourage you to bring non-alcoholic beverages and food in as long as you use the waste baskets to get rid of it when you leave. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES will be permitted. Coolers WILL BE CHECKED, and anyone found breaking this rule will be dismissed from the track immediately and run the risk of having their membership revoked. Same goes for Illegal drugs, folks. Be smart.